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1. Service

We live up to our commitment to customers that artworks are legitimate, of high quality and at a fair price.


1.1 - Our scope is to ensure a great shopping experience, from initial service to after-sales service. Therefore, we provide our Exchange and Returns Policy, containing the information and rules necessary for clarification to the consumer, even before the purchase is made.


1.2 - It is guaranteed that all terms of this Policy observe, preserve and guarantee the rights and guarantees provided for in the Consumer Protection Code, as well as the rules and legislation applicable to consumer relations.

1.3 - Compliance with the customer service team's guidelines is essential for the speed and success of the exchange, return or refund process.

2. Malfunction

When describing the product on the store page, in relation to possible damages resulting from storage (some of these products are stored for decades), we undertake to inform the condition of the product before shipping. Regarding damages and aged copies, after informing the gallery, it will not be possible to exchange, return or refund, due to such characteristics.

2.1 We pack the products with due care and with the utmost care, using the appropriate materials for each type of work (sculptures, for example, have different packaging from canvases and engravings). Orders must always reach the consumer in perfect condition. However, if the customer notices any damage upon receipt, the exchange will be carried out urgently, without any additional cost to the customer.

2.2 Within 7 days after receipt, the customer must send at least two photographs of the products and two photos of the packaging, to request the exchange through the email

2.3 The manufacture and/or production of products to replace the damaged product will begin immediately after contact and request according to item 2.2.

2.4 Reshipments will be carried out in the shortest possible time, with the possibility of extending up to the period of the original purchase.

2.5  The damaged products will be collected with the customer with whom we undertake to arrange such procedure, in terms of dates, form of collection/shipment and addresses, always during business hours.

3. Absence or divergence

3.1 If, upon receipt of the order, the customer notices absence or discrepancy regarding the works and products, urgent shipment will be made, at no cost to the customer, in order to correct the order.

3.2 To remedy the situation, the customer must contact the gallery through the email:

3.3 The manufacture and/or production of the products to be replaced will begin immediately after the contact and request according to item 3.2.

3.4 Reshipments will be carried out in the shortest possible time, with the possibility of extending up to the period of the original purchase.

3.5 Deviating products will be collected with the customer with whom we undertake to agree such procedure, in terms of dates, collection/shipping method and addresses, always during business hours.

3.6 Divergence is considered when products are received with specifications different from those requested at the time of purchase, namely: image, size, or frame.  

4. Exchange or withdrawal/repentance

4.1 The customer who decides to withdraw / regret the product must communicate within 7 days after receipt, being responsible for the cost of return.

4.2 The withdrawal/repentance must be formalized by the customer, and it is up to the customer to report the reason, via email:

4.3 The product must be in its original packaging and in perfect condition, so that it can be returned or exchanged. 

4.4 The customer can ship by himself to the address of the gallery, bearing the freight.

4.5  As for the return shipping of the new product, in case of exchange, the gallery will bear the costs.

4.6 To exchange for a product of greater value, the customer will pay the difference. On the other hand, you will also have the option for lower value products, receiving credits for the purchase of new products from the gallery, in the form of credit registration via e-mail and/or purchase coupon.

4.7 In case of withdrawal, the customer may choose to receive credits along the lines of item 4.6, making up the total purchase price, for future purchases at the gallery.

4.8 As for orders still in the production phase, it will be necessary to evaluate the request and the production stage of the order, with the possibility of incurring extra costs to the customer for exchanges or withdrawals/regrets.

4.9 It is the gallery's commitment that, in all these cases mentioned above, the customer will be kept informed about the progress of the process and may, at any time, request an update of the information from our customer service team.

5. Chargeback or Refund

5.1  Based on unrestricted compliance with consumer rights,  The customer is entitled to cancel the purchase and the proper refund of values, in situations where it is appropriate, provided for in items 2 and 3 of the Exchange and Returns Policy.

5.2 The gallery undertakes - if it is not the customer's option to select among the alternatives provided above on coupons and exchanges - to refund the full purchase amounts through the following way:

Bank transfer or payment by PIX.

5.3 In cases of purchase cancellation, the refund will be made upon return and arrival of the product in perfect condition at the gallery, the customer then bearing the risk of damage during transport.

5.4 Refunds will be released within 7 working days. This is subject to the reimbursement criteria being met.

6. Offers and promotions  

6.1 Offers will only be valid when made available in writing on the gallery's website, during the indicated period or, if no period is mentioned, while we have the merchandise available in stock. If it is not possible to purchase the promoted or offered product, the purchase confirmation will not be sent.

7. Delivery

7.1 The Gallery does not guarantee delivery in cases of failure caused by: absent customer, incorrect registration data, refusal by the customer or employees of residential and business addresses, change of address, closed business addresses, risk area and natural disasters (force majeure) .

7.2 Except for the cases listed above in item 7.1, delivery will be made within the deadline and at the place indicated in the Order Confirmation.

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