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Yea! We do international shipments.

1. What are the payment methods?

We accept payments through PayPal , credit cards accepted by the WIX system (with the largest brands), PIX and Bank slip .

For payment methods in addition to those already presented above or even consultation of prices and budgets for other specific works and projects, please contact the gallery service at

2. How are orders shipped?

Depending on the work, a period of preparation for sending is necessary:

- 02 (two) working days for works in stock.

- Up to 07 (seven) business days for works on demand (which require production and/or printing).

After the work preparation period, the delivery time will vary according to the selected shipping method.

- Products in the "On-Demand" section are produced and shipped by our international partner, at factories in the US, Canada, Spain and Latvia.

For such products, shipping is already included in the price.

The production period for these products is 2 to 7 business days and delivery time can vary from 15 to 25 days for most parts of Brazil.

We are not responsible for import fees that may be charged by the Post Office.

3. What are the ways of sending the works?

The following possibilities for order submission are available:

- Pick up in person at the gallery in São Paulo, SP.

- Shipping by Post (After calculating the shipping, the delivery time will be informed).

- International shipping by calculating FEDEX (After calculating the freight, the delivery time will be informed).

- Delivery at home and/or business address in the city of São Paulo, SP, on working days and to be carried out by the gallery's own professionals, subject to deadline/rate consultation.

4. How to replace or cancel the purchases made?

The purchase will be completed only when we receive confirmation of payment. Thus, without confirmation, the system automatically disregards the order. Therefore, to replace the items, simply start a new purchase on the website and make the payment for the new order.

5. How do I exchange broken products?

Apart from items sent with some wear and tear in a way already informed by the gallery at the time of purchase, products that are eventually damaged in transport or have a discrepancy with the order, may be exchanged. To do so, contact us by email:

Refunds can only be made using the same payment method as the original order.

6. Where do I get product status information?

Some products are dated from years and even decades earlier, especially some of the prints printed from the 1970s onwards. When natural weather deteriorates, there will be a notice in the purchase window about the product's condition, so any pertinent information be passed on to the consumer prior to purchase.

7. Is it possible to track the shipment?

Upon completion of the purchase, upon delivery via Post Office, the tracking code will be made available by email to the customer.

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